WME manufactures on-site nitrogen generation systems utilizing membrane air separation technology. Membrane modules contain thousands of hair–like membranes that collectively separate large amounts of high purity, dry nitrogen directly from compressed air, which may be applied to prevent degradation of cargo sensitive to oxygen, moisture or combustion by-products. These systems are also ideal for non-freezing, non-corrosive instrument gas and for drying of void spaces such as cofferdams. WME has developed a method for regeneration of air-gas separation membranes, a technique which up until now has not been available in the industry by other suppliers.



• Offshore

• Marine



• Chemical Carriers

• Drill Ship



• 60% life cycle cost reduction

• 50% less footprint

• Dry nitrogen, dew point < -70C

• Purity 95-99,9%

• Easy to install, operate and maintain

• Tailor made according to client specifications

• In stainless steel to withstand harsh environment

• Installation in hazardous area

• According to NORSOK standard

Nitrogen 1

Nitrogen 2

Nitrogen 3

Nitrogen 4